Rogue One’s Felicity Jones gets NAKED in pre-Hollywood fame clips


Felicity Jones (Photo: Copyright unknown)

Felicity Jones has been riding the rollercoaster of Hollywood fame ever since she got her big break in 2014’s The Theory Of Everything, for which she was Oscar nominated.

But it was an earlier film from the start of her career that really launched her – the little-known Chalet Girl, in which she got naked in front of Gossip Girl star Eddie Westwick.

In the 2011 British film, Felicity plays Kim, an ex-skateboarding champion who escapes to the snowy Alps to grieve the death of her mother.

Felicity Jones gets close to Ed Westwick in 2011’s Chalet Girl (Photo: IFC Films)

While there, she battles the sneering attitudes of the family whose chalet she works in – until she starts making friends and coming out of her shell.

In one scene, Felicity strips naked to get into the hot tub with her mates – but then they dare her to get out and stand in the snow.

Felicity stripped off for this hot tub scene (Photo: TNI Press Ltd) …And then gets caught in the headlights of Eddie’s family car (Photo: TNI Press Ltd) AWKWARD (Photo: TNI Press Ltd)

Her character Kim then blunders out of the warm water and into the freezing surroundings, but looks up just in time to see her chalet family returning home in their 4×4.

Kim goggles in shock and horror as she covers her boobs with one hand and her privates with another – completely naked apart from a pair of mittens and a knitted hat.

Luckily, Ed’s posh-boy character Jonny sees the funny side of it, and pursues Kim against the wishes of his snide family.

(Photo: IFC Films)

In the five years since Chalet Girl, Felicity’s career has skyrocketed. She’s snapped up roles in Girls, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and is now set to go to even greater heights with Star Wars: Rogue One, which is already getting incredible reviews by the critics.

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