Fifth suspect charged in 2014 fatal shooting of Niles North teenager


More than two years after four teenagers were charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a Niles North High School student and the serious injury of another, criminal charges have been filed against a fifth suspect, Skokie police announced Wednesday.

Antonio L. Hicks, 19, of the 10000 block of South Forest Avenue, Chicago has been charged with first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and armed robbery in the shooting death of Maxwell Gadau and the shooting of a female teenager.

The Sept. 28, 2014 incident, which occurred in the 9200 block of Kedvale Avenue, left her with serious injuries.

When Skokie police charged four teenagers a few days after the shooting, they said a fifth suspect, 17, believed to be the gunman, was arrested at his school in Chicago, but released the following day. Because he was a juvenile, police said, he could only be held for 24 hours and the state’s attorney concluded there was not enough evidence to charge him at the time.

It is unclear if Hicks is the same person police previously held in connection with this case.

Skokie police said following the 2014 arrest that the investigation would continue, although they did not release details about evidence they gathered that led the state’s attorney to approve charges this week against Hicks.

Hicks is in police custody and scheduled to appear in bond court Wednesday afternoon, police said.

They said he will be charged as an adult even though he was 17 at the time.

In court more than two years ago, prosecutors laid out a scenario indicating that the shooting was the result of an armed robbery scheme that did not go according to plan. The idea, prosecutors said, was to lure the then-Niles North female senior outside for a drug sale, and then to steal from her.

When the girl, who was accompanied by Gadau "for moral support," according to police, resisted handing over drugs, she and Gadau were shot.

Plans for a robbery turned into murder and attempted murder, prosecutors said.

Gadau and the girl, both 17 then, were shot around 9:40 p.m. on a quiet tree-lined street while sitting inside a vehicle where the deal was supposed to have been made, police said.

The charges against Hicks come after charges were filed in October 2014 against Jeremy Ly of Skokie and Chicagoans Dzevad Avdic, Myles Hughes and Nicholas Smith, all 19 then.

They were each charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and armed robbery, according to police.

All four are currently being held without bail at Cook County Jail.

Ly and Avdic are both 2013 Niles North High School graduates, officials said.

According to prosecutors, Avdic hatched the entire robbery plan. Avdic called the girl and misidentified himself, taking the name of someone else he thought she would be more willing to meet, according to prosecutors. He got her name after asking Ly for someone who would be an easy "stain" or "lick," which means someone easy to rob, according to prosecutors. Ly provided Avdic with the girl’s name, they said.

Police said Avdic knew Hughes and Smith and brought them in on the scheme. It was one or both of them who brought the shooter in, according to police.

The state’s case against the first four suspects included alleged evidence of calls and texts made from Avdic’s cell phone to the female victim and other arrested suspects in the case. Prosecutors said that Avdic contacted the female victim twice within 20 minutes of the shooting.

Gadau’s mother said her son had sent her a text message that night to say he was coming home soon.

Patricia Gadau told the Tribune he was a "very caring" son and sibling, and he had a good sense of humor.

He swam competitively and was beginning to explore possible colleges, his mother said, and he had expressed an interest in engineering.


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