Survey: 33% Hindus consider Muslims close friends, 13% think they are ‘highly patriotic’


A latest study revealed only 13 percent Hindus consider Muslims highly patriotic. (Source: PTI)

Inter-community relations have always been a point for debate in India. Given the diversity within the country, it has always been very difficult to combine data and come to a conclusion. However, a new survey conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) revealed that only 33 percent of Hindus count Muslims as their close friends. On the other hand, Muslims count 74% people from the Hindu community as their close friends, according to the data published by the Times of India on Wednesday.

The data was revealed in a study named ‘society and politics between elections’ which stated that most Indians prefer to be friends with people from their own religion. The numbers project a very worrying picture as states like Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka and Odisha are on the edge of isolation of Muslims. Things get worse as the data mentioned that only 13 percent Hindus consider Muslims highly patriotic.

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About 20 percent Hindus believe that Christians are more patriotic while 47 percent voted for the Sikhs. On the other hand, 77 percent Muslims considered themselves highly patriotic while just 26 percent Christians have put Muslims in that category. The data shows the assumptive society we are living in that is widening the gap each day. More over, only 66% of Sikhs said Hindus are highly patriotic.

Another interesting observation from the study was the answer to questions like: ‘Should the government punish those who don’t respect the cow; don’t say ‘bharat mata ki jai’ at public functions; eat beef or cow meat; do not stand up for national anthem; or engage in religious conversions?’ Based on the answers received, around 72 per cent were found to hold an “majoritarian” view, 17 per cent “weak liberal” and 6 per cent “liberal”.